Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle form of hands-on treatment which many Osteopaths use as part of their treatment.

It is very subtle and involves an Osteopath “listening” with their hands to tensions and circulatory flows in the body. It might be considered to be a kind of physical “unwinding”, allowing injuries and strains to relax. Circulation is restored, waste products are removed and pain is relieved.

It is a very safe treatment, epitomising the osteopathic principle “the body makes it’s own medicines”. It can be verging on miraculously effective with some difficult conditions where the body seems to “hold on” to trauma.

It is used commonly with babies following the birth process. The enormous pressure on the cranium (skull) during the pregnancy and the passage through the birth canal may cause certain deformities because the baby’s skull is entirely made of soft, cartilage tissue. Not only a long delivery but also a short delivery or a caesarean may cause certain problems. The baby in the breech position, posterior presentation of the head or the use of instruments such as forceps or ventouse may all cause problems as well.

Anna Hale is highly trained to deal with babies and children using cranio-sacral techniques. Some untreated problems from birth may persist in the later stages of a child’s life and present in totally different forms such as headaches and behavioural problems at school.

Cranial Osteopathy also addresses the phenomenon of “somatisation” where emotional issues have a linked physical state, as the body tries to prepare physically for whatever is making us, for example, sad or angry. Relaxing this physical state can help as the psychological processes link to the physical.