Fracture Healing

The Rugby Season is upon us so I felt it apt to detail a few nutritional tips that may strengthen bones to prevent a fracture, whether through a tough tackle or a slide on the autumn leaves!

One of the most important influences on fracture healing is nutrition.The healing time for broken bones is influenced by a number of variables that are impacted by key nutrients.

CALCIUM: With vitamin D, calcium is essential  for the production and maintenance of healthy bones and prevention of osteoporosis.

Supplementation may reduce fracture rates by 50%.

VITAMIN D : Facilitates absorption of calcium into the intestinal tract and can increase absorption by 65%.Vitamin D deficiency is found in 40% of patients admitted to hospital with hip fractures.

VITAMIN A:Important in the repair of bones and connective tissue. It is critical in the production of collagen which forms the connective tissue in bones, skin etc.

If you have insufficient collagen fractures may not heal properly.

VITAMIN E: Antioxidant that preserves essential cellular constituents. Deficiency of Vitamin E can result in impaired absorption of Vitamin A.

VITAMIN K: Plays an important role in the synthesis of the key bone protein osteocalcin.

Osteocalcin supports bone remodelling.Numerous studies show that vitamin K plays a key role in preventing osteoporosis.

FOLIC ACID: Works closely with B12 to produce healthy red blood cells. Especially important where surgical repair of fractures is necessary.

ZINC: Important for enzyme function and can reduce healing time.

MAGNESIUM: Necessary for the metabolism of calcium into bone.Effective in increasing bone density.

COPPER: Important for collagen formation and production of co factors involved in wound healing.

How can You Minimise Your Risk to Fractures?

A healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals will help keep your bones strong. In addition weight bearing exercise will help and improve your balance and coordination.

One in three adults 65 years or older falls each year and over 500,000 fractures or other serious injuries occur as a result of these falls. The consequences of these falls range from death, fractures, hospitalisation etc.

Certainly something to think about.